The Insidedish Preferential Service (TIPS) Card

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Some of you might have seen a little business card being passed out to customers by servers and bartenders with our logo on it. It's called a TIPS (The Insidedish Preferential Service) Card. Okay... here's how the insidedish TIPS card works: Imagine if you, as a server, had a card you could give to your customers to discreetly let them know that you're worthy of a 20% or more tip (cops give similar cards to their friends, they're called PBA cards). It's an understanding between you

and the customer before they sign their check. Here is the scenario: You have a party of 5 people that haven't paid their check yet and that you can't add gratuity to them, for whatever reason. They were good customers but the check is $300 and you're expecting at least $50 as a tip and don't want to take a chance on getting stiffed. So, you "drop the check" to the head of the party with a TIPS card, explaining that they were great customers and here is a little something for them to use at their next restaurant (I'll explain the customer's use below). Tell them that it's a tool, much like a PBA card that will get them better service if they give it to their next waiter to keep, shortly after they get sat for a meal. Or, they can just take it out and let it sit somewhere on the table until the waiter asks to see it. That's all! Whether they ever use it again is not your concern. Your concern is that you'll almost definitely assure yourself a 20% tip or more while doing them a favor by giving them a useful card. Why? Well... read the card.

tips-card Front of cardtips-card-business-card-back-expandedBack of card

Your customer should feel honored that you gave them this special card to keep and use in another restaurant. They'll feel priveledged that they have an "in" with someone in the business now. They'll read the card and know that they now have to give you a 20% tip or more. Most likely, they'll want to without having to read it. Win/win for both of you!

As a customer, it'll work much like a PBA card does when you get pulled over by a police officer. This is how the customer will use it somewhere on his next dining experience. He/she will take it out upon sitting at a bar or table and keep it somewhere the server will see it or, will just let the server keep it to use on his/her next guest. The server will now know that the customer is a good tipper! The server, if he/she is smart, will give that person the best service possible, which is what they want from you! If it's used at the bar the bartender just might offer up a free drink or two. The TIPS card works. Use it well!

FREE TIPS CARDS for a limited time only! Submit ONE new restaurant to this site along with it's restaurant workplace review, then, send me a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your username and the name of the restaurant you submitted (so I can check it against your data), and I will send you 5 TIPS cards in return!

c/o Polifas Enterprises
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No purchase of any kind is required!


Pete, there's only one way I can describe the TIPS CARD and that is: CLEVER, CLEVER, CLEVER! I ordered 5 cards from you back in August and have tallied the extra tips to come to about $35. These were tables that didn't need to leave a 25% percent tip but did because I let them keep the card. Customers really feel like you've let them into this unique club by giving them one. I'm ordering more cards today. Thanks, Dude, for creating these. I feel like I can make an extra shifts-worth of money without actually having to work it!

Scott Drebecki

Simi Valley, CA

Great card! Works perfectly! I presented it with the check as a little helper for these tourists to use while in New York. They were most appreciative to say the least. My service wasn't even that great because we were slammed that day and I still got a great tip!

I gave one card to my boyfriend, who works with me, because he had a table whose check was $425 but there were only four of them and he couldn't add the gratuity (and it seemed like a table where he would've wanted to). When he dropped the check he gave them the card and referred them to a local watering hole for drinks and told them to give the card to the bartender (our friend) and they'd most likely get hooked up. He ended up getting $100 out of them on that check.

If you know how to use these things they work great. Good idea!

Lauren A.

New York, N.Y.

I use your cards all the time and they've made a big difference in my tips. I feel more confident and in control of my tips when I have them on me. I actually bought 75 cards from you before the holidays and gave little gift bags to all the waiters and bartenders with them inside. Everytime one of them uses it and gets a big tip they wave the money at me and say "Thanks for the Christmas gift!".

Terrence Calhoun

Chicago, Il.

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